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Honors Chemistry

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I need someone to check these questions. I know its a lot of questions.

2NH3 + Ag+ Ag(NH3)2+
a. What is the Lewis acid in this equation? [Ag+]
b. What is the Lewis base in this equation? [NH3]

Given H2SO4 is sulfuric acid, HNO3 is nitric acid, and H3PO4 is phosphoric acid, name the following:

a. HCl [Hydrochloric acid]
b. H2SO3 [Sulfurous acid]
c. HNO2 [Sulfurous acid]
d. H3PO2 [Hypophosphorous acid]
e. HNO4 [Pernitric acid]
f. H2SO5 [Persulfuric acid]
g. HI [Hydroiodic acid]

Write the formula for the conjugate base of each of the acids above.
[a. Cl- b. HSO3- c. NO2- d. H2PO2- e. NO4- f. NSO5-]

Describe each of the acids in question #1 as either strong or weak.
[Hydrochloric, Hyphosphorous, Pernitric, Persulphuric are all strong acids.]

Write the formula for tannic acid. [C76H52O46]

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    1c. I'm sure you meant to type in nitrous acid.
    1e. Several sites listed this as peroxynitric acid, one listed the IUPAC name as hydroxynitrate, and one as pernitric acid. I think pernitric acid follows the "rules" you've been given.
    1f. Several sites listed this as peroxysulfuric acid but I think persulfuric acid follows the "rules" better.
    2f is a typo? HSO5^-

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    I wouldn't call H3PO2 a strong acid. The others you list are. In addition, HI is a srrong acid (stronger than HCl).

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