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The pulley has an inner radius of 0.35m and an outer radius of 0.65m. It has a mass of 1.8kg. A string wrapped around the inner part of the pulley is fastened to the ceiling. A second string wrapped around the outer part of the pulley is fastened to a block. Determine the mass of the block if the pulley remains at rest.

  • Physics 121 -

    Please do show you did it and which formula did you use. Thanks very much.

  • Physics 121 -

    The string attached to the ceiling supports the pulley and the block.
    The tension of this string is T = (1.8 + m) •g,
    the torque of this force is
    T•r =(1.8 + m) •g•r.
    The torque created by the block
    is m•g•R .
    The condition for equilibrium:
    the net torque is zero.
    (1.8 + m) •g•r = m•g•R,
    m = 1.8•r/(R-r) =
    = 1.8•0.35/(0.65 – 0.35) = 2.1 kg

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