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DEsperate to undertsand-Chemistry

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The pressure of gas is measured at 550 mm Hg. Calculate the pressure in
a. Torr
b. lb/in2
c. atm
d. in Hg
How do I set up these conversions to get the [prper calcu;ations...step by step?
This is the 3rd time zzzzzzzIve posted this question and I need to know how to get the answers!

  • DEsperate to undertsand-Chemistry -

    The easiest way is to memorize standard pressure in many different units.

    1 atm

    Now, you use these as conversion units.

    550mmHg in atm..
    550mmHg*1atm/760mmHg= 550/760 atm

    550mmHg in lb/in^2...
    550mmHg*14.7lb/in^2 /760mmHg
    =550*14.7/760 lb/in^2

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