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how to Calculate the molarity of a solution if sulphuric acid contains 13%H2SO4 by mass and density is 1.02 gm per cm3.

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    mass of 1000 cc =
    1.02 g/cc x 1000 cc = ? grams.
    Is all of the H2SO4? NO, only 13% is H2SO4. So how much H2SO4 do you have?

    mass H2SO4 = ?grams soln x 0.13 = xx g H2SO4.

    How many mols is that? mols = g/molar mass
    mols H2SO4 = xxgrams H2SO4/molar mass H2SO4 = ?
    So now you have mols H2SO4/1000 cc soln and that is M.

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