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Given: The universal gravitational con- stant is 6.672 × 10−11 N m2/kg2.
Objects with masses of 152 kg and 269 kg are separated by 0.45 m. A 53.5 kg mass is placed midway between them.
Find the magnitude of the net gravitational force exerted by the larger masses on the
53.5 kg mass. Answer in units of N.
Leaving the distance between the 152 kg and the 269 kg masses fixed, at what distance from the 269 kg mass (other than infinitely remote ones) does the 53.5 kg mass experience a net force of zero? Answer in units of m.

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    m1 = 152 kg, m2 = 269 kg, m3 = 53.5 kg. d =0.45 m, r =d/2 =0.225 m,
    G = 6.672•10^−11 N m2/kg2.

    m1 …….….<-------m3--------------> …..m2
    F13 F23

    F13 = G•m1•m3/r^2,
    F23 = G•m2•m3/r^2,
    F = F23 – F13,

    m1 …….….<-------m3-------> …..m2
    F13 F23
    F13 = F23,
    G•m1•m3/(d-x)^2= G•m2•m3/x^2,
    m1/(d-x)^2 =m2/x^2,
    Solve for “x”

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