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English answer check

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15. Which of the following sentences uses the passive voice?
Almost every night Frances sang her son the same lovely lullaby.
Because of the light color, Jason gave the room a second coat of paint.
Have you ever been taken to the state fair?
Despite her talent, Ms. O’Neil never became a famous writer.

16. Which of the following sentences uses the active voice?
We were being fooled by my older brother.
The tiny snake wiggled along the ground toward the juniper bush.
The small baby had been dressed with great care for the outing.
When was the last time your dog was groomed?

17. Which of the following best describes the sentence?

If you were a member of Generation X, you would know the answer to that question about Madonna.

indicative mood
imperative mood
subjunctive mood
interrogative mood

Choose the progressive or emphatic verb tense that is used in each sentence.

18. Ms. Palmer has been organizing the class schedules for us.
present perfect progressive
past progressive
present progressive

19. We had been listening to the radio when the lights went out.
present perfect progressive
past progressive
past perfect progressive

20. Kalman had been sleeping throughout that memorable day.
future perfect progressive
past perfect progressive
present perfect progressive

21. Sammi will have been writing her novel for two years this week.
present progressive
future progressive
future perfect progressive

my answers in order from 15-21 are c,a,b,a,a,b,c,c

  • English answer check -

    15 - c = correct

    16 - a = incorrect

    17 - b = incorrect

    18 - a = correct

    19 - a = incorrect

    20 - b = correct

    21 - c = correct

    ?? - c = ???

  • English answer check -

    sorry last c wasn't suposed to be there



  • English answer check -

    16 and 19 are now correct.

    You need to read up on the terms in #17 so you don't guess.

  • English answer check -

    since 17 has were in it that would make it subjunctive right?

  • English answer check -

    Yes, right.

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