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College Algebra/Geometry

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What size should be the frame be?

Suppose an artist has a circular picture with a diameter 6 inches which she wishes to frame by a uniform width frame with covers 1/2 inch width uniformity of the painting and has total area equal to that of the exposed painted surface when the frame is in place.

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    Is there a question here?

  • College Algebra/Geometry -

    What size should the frame be?

  • College Algebra/Geometry -

    if the frame is width w, then it covers 1/2 inch of painting plus w outside the painting.

    pi(3-.5)^2 = pi((3+w)^2 - (3^2-2.5^2))
    25/4 = w^2 + 6w + 9 - (9-25/4)
    w^2 + 6w = 0
    solve that for w, and you get w=0

    so, the border is just 1/2 inch wide, and does not extend outside the painting.

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