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Hey guys I need help understanding this problem. If you can list why/reasoning for each step of the answer I would appreciate it greatly!

Interpret the given equation in terms of relatinve numbers of representative particles, number of moles, and masses of reactants and products.


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    It look straight forward to me. I'll do one of them.
    2 mols K + 2 mols H2O yield 2 mols KOH and 1 mol H2.
    Now you can do the masses.
    2*atomic mass K = 78 g K combine with 2*18 or 36 g H2O etc.

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    how many grams of solute is in 64.3 mL of 0.0238 molarity KOH?

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    mols = M x L. You know M and L, solve for mols.
    Then mol = grams/molar mass.
    You know mols and molar mass, solve for grams.

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