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3 grade english ms sue

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direction make each sentence more specific by adding an adverb from the box or an adverb of yur own. write the new sentence.

impressively cautiously always
really outside suddenly

1- jonah practices korean martial arts in the mornings.

my son write- jonah practices kornean martial arts always in the mornings.

2- he likes tae kwon do.

my son write- he really likes tae know do.

3- jonah kicks his legs.

my son write- honah suddenly kicks his legs.

4- jonah and the other members jump.

my son write- jonah and the other class members cautiously jump.

5- the teacher uses his feet.

my son write- the teacher impressively uses his feet.

6- in warm weather, students practice in the courtyard.

my son write- in warm weather,students practice in the courtyard.

direction- write two sentences about actions you do in a sport or activity. use at least two adverbs. underline the adverbs.

my son write- i jump coutiously when i catch a football.

my son write- also i impressively throw a football.

my son underline (cautiously, impressively)

check it is all right or not thank you

  • 3 grade english ms sue -

    He needs to add an adverb for number 6.

    The rest is correct.

  • 3 grade english ms sue -

    You said 6 in he need adverb my son put (outside) adverbs

  • 3 grade english ms sue -

    please check

  • 3 grade english ms sue -

    thans ms.ROBINSON

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