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Question 1.
A car moves 26 km due east then 14 km due north. It then turns along a path running north-east with 15 km, then 17 km due west. If the time for the entire journey is 2 hrs, Find;

(a) the car’s average speed in m/s
(b) the car’s average velocity in km/h

  • ENG102 -

    average speed formula is total distance divided by total time

    average velocity formula is total displacement over time

    the two may seem like the same thing but they arent

    velocity is a vector so direction has to be taken into account (for example say you start at an inital position and move ;eft 1 meter and then move right one meter, your total distance is 2 meter but your total displacement is zero because you are right back where you started

  • ENG102 -

    for your speed just add your total distance traveled (26 + 14 +15 + 17) and divide that by 2 hours

  • ENG102 -

    the velocity for this is a little trickier you have to figure out your final position and how far you are from your starting point and divide that by the time

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