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A bullet of mass 11.2 g is fired into an initially stationary block and comes to rest in the block. The block, of mass 1.01 kg, is subject to no horizontal external forces during the collision with the bullet. After the collision, the block is observed to move at a speed of 4.40 m/s.

(a) Find the initial speed of the bullet.

(b) How much kinetic energy is lost?

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    m1 =0.0112 kg, v =?
    m2 = 1.01kg, u = 4.4 m/s
    The law of conservation of linear momentum
    m1•v + 0 = (m1+m2) •u,
    (a) v =(m1+m2) •u/m1.
    (b) ΔKE = m1•v^2/2 – (m1+m2) •^2/2.

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