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help help helpppp--math

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1)Use the definitions sin0(theta) = y/r, cos0(theta) = x/r and/or tan0(theta) = y/x to prove that
cot0(theta) = 1/tan0(theta)

2)For all 0(theta) prove:
a)cos(t) = 1/sec0(theta)
b. sec(t) = 1/cos0(theta)

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    are you saying for one you are trying to prove that cot theta = 1/tan theta? if so (imma change theta to x so it doesnt become a mess of words)

    cotx becomes cos x/ sin x

    so you have (cosx/sinx)= 1/tan x

    mutiply both side by tan x giving you

    (tanx) times (cosx/sinx)=1

    tan x becomes sinx/cosx which will cancel out giving you 1=1

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