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Vanessa pushes a box with 50 N of force. The box accelerates 2 m/s2 for 10 seconds. What is the mass of the box?

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    Force=mass time acceleration newton second law

    force= 50 N, acceleration equal 2 m/s^2
    we want the mass
    on a side note N(newton and its units are kg m/s^2, im giving oyu this so you can see how the units will cancel out and give you only weight units for the mass so you know you did it correctly)
    50N = mass times 2 m/s^2

    divide by 2 m/s^2

    50N/(2 m/s^2) = mass

    the m/s^2 cancels out the m/s^2 on the 50N leaving you with 25kg which is you answer because kg is a unit of weight right?

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