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critical thinking

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Homework Help: critical thinking
Posted by long on Thursday, March 8, 2012 at 1:53pm.

Read the scenario. Using the information provided in the references and lesson, arrive with your best possible solution.

You are a squad leader in Sapper platoon, Special Troop Battalion, 3rd Brigade, 10th Mountain Division. Your unit will deploy to Afghanistan to conduct operations in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. One of your critical tasks in preparing for your deployment is to train your squad on the laws and regulations that we must implement to protect our environment from being damage and contaminated.

The 586th Assault Float Bridge (AFB) Company will conduct a five-day FTX in the Anatuvak training area of Camp Yukon. The unit will depart Fort Chilly and convoy 120 miles on limited-access highways. The commander establishes several rest areas and tactical refueling and maintenance points along the route. Reconnaissance team indicated the trip to take approximately 8 hours. Upon arrival at Camp Yukon, the unit will move into the Anatuvak training area and set up a bivouac site, preceded by their quartering party. During the FTX, the company will conduct tactical-bridging operations on the Yukon River. The FTX will involve normal operations (12 to 16 hours a day), with some night and limited visibility operations. The operations will include the use of pyrotechnics and blank munitions. The FTX will not include live fire due to budgetary constraints. The area has hills, wetlands, several winding streams, and one large river. Signs in the area identify and mark all wetlands. The forecasted weather will not adversely affect operations. The Soldiers are somewhat familiar with the terrain, which contains some identified and marked-off archeological sites. The training area contains the habitat for two endangered species, which are marked and posted. The unit will conduct unit-maintenance, refueling, messing, shower, and field-sanitation operations within the bivouac site.

Apply Critical Thinking to come up with a solution to the scenario.

1. Identify potential effects of environmental factors on missions and operations?

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