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In the mind of germany, what could have been some possible peace proposals so world war 1 would not have occured?

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    What do you think?

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    all i could think of is to break the alliance, tel russia if they attack austria hungary they will declare war on russia, n to just tell austria hungary to tell serbia to giv the land

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    I can think of some actions that would have been instrumental:

    Germany could have not declared war on Russia and France, and let Serbia end its own war.

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    Remember: Each of us can just say NO.

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    You need to understand something. Austria-Hungary was disputed land becasue it bordered both Russia and Germany. Both countries wanted it. But Germany was a little smart. They saw the spread of communism in Russia and knew if Russia gained hold of Austria-Hungary, Russia would be that much closer to German borders. Communism would be that much easier to spread.

    Serbia was a key component. It was in the midst of political upheaval - the perfect time for another country to come in and set up camp. Russia was in the middle of expanding her borders. By trying to end the war in Serbia, Germany was trying to keep the land out of Russian hands. It was in Germany's best interest that Russia not get too close to German borders. But what started off somewhat defensively escalated into what we call World War One. Of course, there's more to it than that, but from Germany's standpoint...

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    That's interesting, Tabby, but it doesn't answer the original question.

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    any other ideas of peace proposals?

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    A pact with Russia to split Austria-Hungary would have been the logical choice, but the borders would have been too close for the comfort for either country.

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    In my opinion they should have turned Austria-Hungary into an autonomous noman's land. Neither country would be allowed to enter without permission from the other, and the Austria_Hungarians would have been allowed self-rule under some supervision, like we did with Puerto Rico and Panama.

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    But to simply tell Serbia to deal with it's own problems would not have been advisable. The collapse of Serbia would effect the entire Balkan Peninsula, which would effect the oil consumers, which would effect both Russia and Germany as they used oil to fuel the expansion and protection of their borders. Therefore, the alliance was necessary, which led to tensions with suspicious Russia, who was fearful of German takeover. Germany, afraid of Russian expansion, was also suspicious. They should have met, a group of leaders from both countries, to sit and discuss peace tactics. Perhaps by using a nuetral country such as Switzerland as a mediator to ensure things did not turn into the Great War like they did.

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    what are your other opinions about the alliances of germany? in german point of view?

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    wait tabby, what do u mean tell serbia to deal with its own problems. the germnas were never allies with them

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