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1.)A sample of oxygen took 55 seconds to travel a certain distance. How long would it take for the same number of moles of nitrogen to travel the same distance.
2.) A sample of hydrogen gas traveled 45m in a given amount of time. An unknown gas traveled 7.6m in the same amount of time. What is the formula mass of the unknown gas?

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    The amount of sample is not given so let's make up one; say 1 l is convenient.
    rate O2 = 1L/55 sec
    rate N2 - 1L/x sec
    (1/55)/(1/x) = sqrt (M2/M1)
    M2 = molar mass N2
    M1 - molar mass O2.

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    and do i do the same thing for number 2?

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    yes. The difference is that you have both rates given and are solving for molar mass of one of the gases.

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