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Algebra/still clueless

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The length of a triangle is twice the width. The area is 2yd^2.

Please, find length and width and simplify. Should I convert the yards?


  • Algebra/still clueless -

    I guess yd is yd^2, square yards, and one of your unknowns is the base and one is the altitude. Otherwise I do not know how to proceed. Length and width of a triangle does not mean anything.
    if my guess is correct then
    (1/2) b h = 2
    b h = 4
    but h = 2 b
    2 b^2 = 4
    b = sqrt 2
    h = 2 sqrt 2

  • Algebra/still clueless -

    I'm searching for the length and the width. I guess I will figure it out, but thank you.

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