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I have a project for my Family and Consumer Science class.
Directions - Create two (2) posters, one for Food Safety and one for Kitchen Safety. Write a slogan that will express a Food Safety practice and Kitchen Safety guideline. A slogan is a word or phrase used to advertise a purpose.

• The posters can be created on the computer or drawn by hand.
• The poster must be colorful
• Create the slogans for a Food Safety practice and a Kitchen Safety guideline.
• The posters must have a picture drawn, clip art, or from a magazine to support is expressing at the bottom of the poster. The represents the message you want to say.
ie: Service with a Smile
Write which Food Safety practice or Kitchen Safety guideline the poster is expressing at the bottom of the poster
Write a complete heading neatly on the back of each poster:
Family and Consumer Science
(teacher's name) - Period ___
Topic - Working in the Kitchen
Project - Safety in the Kitchen
Due Date:
Hand-it-in Date:
What I just wrote was the directions to do in our project. Sorry about the big letters and sorry I wrote all of this but in order for you guys to help me and understand you need to know the directions I'm doing in this project. I need help on this project, the problem is that I can't think of a slogan for Food Safety and Kitchen Safety.

Please Help me!!!!!!

Thank You! :)

  • FACS Project - POSTERS - Food Safety & Kitchen Saf -

    Careless Cooking Causes Catastrophes

    If in Doubt, Throw it Out!

  • FACS Project - POSTERS - Food Safety & Kitchen Saf -

    Thank You!!!! :)
    PS - What is Catastrophes?????
    Also I need a picture that represent these slogan but instead I can draw it.

  • FACS Project - POSTERS - Food Safety & Kitchen Saf -

    Catastrophes are horrible events -- like house fires or being burned with boiling water or oil.

  • FACS Project - POSTERS - Food Safety & Kitchen Saf -

    oh ok
    Thank You! :)

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