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A plumb bob (a mass m hanging on a string) is deflected from the vertical by an angle θ due to a massive mountain.

A) Make an estimate of the mass of Mt. Everest, assuming it has the shape of a cone 3910 m high and base of diameter 3910 m. Assume its mass per unit volume is 3000 kg per m^3.

B)Estimate the angle of the plumb bob if it is 5.20 km from the center of Mt. Everest.

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    mass estimate= volume*density=1/3 base area*height*density
    = 1/3 (PI *(3910/2)^2)*3910*3000kg/m^3
    =4.69483305 × 1013

    So the angle must then be

    sidways force: GMbob*4.69E13/5200^2

    downward force: GMbob*Me/radiusearth^2

    the angle sideways is

    = (4.69E13/5200^2)/(Me/Re^2)

    = arc tan(4.69E13/Me * (Re/5200)^2)

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    Thanks a lot. For B the answer was 6.83x10^-4 deg.

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