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Ms. sue for the persasive essay on glass castle, you tell me to give examples in essay to prove thesis which be that her father be better parent.

The teacher say there have to be 4 bodies. So the first one be introduction, second one and third one be examples and fourth one be conclusion?

For main points to prove that father be better parent I have that he do activities with them meaning spend time with them and show affection. For second point I have that he care when his children get hurt like when he have the first baby she die and he be really sad about that, unlike mom who don’t care. The third point be that he be helpful, give advice to them, give them teachings about right and wrong. I not sure if this be right and If I cover all the things. I not know what else make him better parent.

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    also i not get if to do induction or deduction. i think induction be easier because i only have to support main points, deduction i not get the premises.

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    If I understand your teacher correctly, you only need two points to prove your thesis.

    The first paragraph is the introduction and the last paragraph is the conclusion. You only need two other paragraphs

    One of your points should be the title of the novel -- "the glass castle." Her father gave her dreams and hope with this fantasy.

    I think deduction would be easier. You start with the main premise or thesis. Her father is the better parent. Then, you just need to give examples (proof) of why you made this premise.


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    thanks very much ms. sue she say also tell flaws he have and that be his drinking where i add this?

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    I think you can mention his drinking in the introduction paragraph. He was an irresponsible and impractical dreamer. But he was still the better parent.

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    Thanks very much ms. sue :)

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    You're very welcome, Mohammad.

    Writeacher suggested this site for a visual diagram of deduction and induction.


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    please tell writeacher i say thank you to her as well :)

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    I will. :-)

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