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I have a few questions if someone could please help with them:
Which of the following is true:
A.Relative dating tells us how long ago something existed
B.Disconformities are less common but usually far more conspicuous because the strata on either side are essentially
C.Estimates indicate that the North American continent is being lowered at a rate of about 10 cm per 1000 yrs
D.Most volcanoes are fed by conduits or pipes

Which of the following statement is False:
A.Cinder cones are built from ejected lava fragments and are usually less than 300 meters high
B.Calderas are large collapsed depressions having more or less circular form
C.Most volcanoes are fed magma through short conduits called pipes that connect a magma chamber to the surface
D. Sills are tabular discordant bodies that are produced when magma is injected into fractures

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