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1)A boat propelled so as to travelled with a speed of 0.50m/s in still water, moves directly ( in straight line ) across a river that is 60m wides. The river flow with a speed of 0.30m/s. How long in seconds does it take the boat across the river?

2)A rope suspended from a ceiling supports an object of weight at its opposite end. Another rope tied to the first at the middle is pulled horizontally with a force of 30N. The junction P of the rope is in equilibrium. Calculate the weight and the Tension?

3)A 150kg ladder leans against a smoothwall, making an angles of 30degrees with the floor. The center of gravity of the ladder is one-third the way up from bottom. How large a horizontal force must the floor provide if the ladder is not to slip?

4) A body hangs from springs balance supported from roof of an elevator. if the elevator has an upward acceleration of 3m/s square and the balance reads50N, what is the true weight of the body?

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