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write the dependent clause and the subordinate conjunction
1)( If)sub (you want to play the piano better),dep you have to practice.(

2(-I plan to study)dep ( until) sub I finish .

3-Justin saved his money (in order that)sub( he could go to college) dep.

4-( When)sub ( Lisa gets here)dep, we will leave.

5-They ate popcorn (while)sub (they watched the movie).dep

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    3, 4, and 5 are correct.

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    what is wrong the dependent?Can you help me find it please

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    Dependent clauses cannot be sentences by themselves.

    Re-read each of the first two and let me know why your choices for them were different from how you made your choices for the other three.

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    2 the dep i finish

    3-Justin saved his money the dep
    is it right?

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    3 was already correct.

    Your correction for 2 is right.

    Now that I reread #1, I'm confused.

    What is the sub conjunction?
    Which words make up the dep clause?

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