HCA 230 COmmunicaiton in Health Care

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I am not looking for someone to do this, I am just trying to figure out how am I suppose to do an introduction and conclusion in a PowerPoint for this. I understand everything else in the directions, but it's my final project and I want to make sure I have everything correctly. I am probably over analyzing the directions though.

Darnell and Janine work for a large lab company in an appointment office. They have worked in the same office for 2 years. Darnell needed a patient file to prepare materials for a blood draw, and the file was not in the back. He walked up to the front desk, irritated that once again he had to track down a file that Janine was supposed to have filed. When Darnell arrived at the front desk, he saw a woman waiting to be checked in for lab work and Janine talking on her cell phone with her back to the waiting room. As soon as the woman saw Darnell, she waved at him and said, “Excuse me, sir, I’ve been waiting here for a couple of minutes, and I’m not feeling well. Could you check me in?” Darnell smiled and checked her in, asking her to have a seat in the waiting room and telling her that he would make sure she was not waiting any longer than necessary. During this patient encounter, Janine turned and gestured that she would be just another minute. Another person stepped up to the counter, holding lab orders and an insurance card. Darnell started checking this person in, too. While photocopying the insurance card, Darnell whispered, “Janine, get off of the phone. I have my own job to do.” Janine frowned, put her hand over the phone, and said, “I’m on the phone with my kids!” Darnell replied that he needed a file and repeated that he needed to get back to drawing blood. Janine said, “Then go back to your job!” She then thrust the file he needed toward him. While this happened, someone came to stand in line behind the person Darnell was helping. Darnell started to grind his teeth and whispered, “Janine, I cannot leave these people standing here.” Janine kept her back to everyone and shrugged.

Resources: Associate Program Material: Final Project Overview and Timeline, Associate Program Material: Final Project Case Studies
Choose a case study from the Associate Program Material: Final Project Case Studies.
Develop an 8- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, in which you:

• Include an introduction and conclusion
• Identify the case study you have chosen.
• Define the elements of good interpersonal communication.
• Explain what happened in the case study and why it is an example of poor interpersonal communication. Include the following:

o Perceptions of the participants
o The conflict type and conflict management styles
o Listening barriers
o Supportive and defensive climates and relationships
o Verbal and nonverbal communication

• Explain what could have been done differently in each case study. This must align to the elements of effective interpersonal communication.

List major points in the slides. Include detailed explanations that correlate to each point in the speaker notes section.
Include videos, audio, photos, diagrams, or graphs as appropriate.
Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.
Submit the Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation assignment.

Note. Local Campus students must deliver a 5- to 10-minute oral presentation using the Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation in addition to submitting the file to the facilitator.

  • HCA 230 COmmunicaiton in Health Care -

    This sounds like a familiar problem with working mothers — balancing commitments to family and job. Some mention of this might be used for your introduction.

    This article might help, especially the last two paragraphs, http://drdavespsychologypage.intuitwebsites.com/Working_Moms___their_Kids.pdf

    Partially, this might relate to what sort of crisis was occurring with Janine's kids — a mere squabble or something dangerous to life and limb. Could another person be called to take over, while Janine was dealing with this crisis? Could Janine arrange for this substitution?

    Is Darnell a fellow worker or Janine's supervisor? He is caught in a conflict between doing his job or dealing with Janine's responsibilities.

    I hope this helps.

  • HCA 230 COmmunicaiton in Health Care -

    It wasn't figuring out how to solve the problem in the case study I was worried about, I had just never had to do an introduction or conclusion within a PowerPoint Presentation and was over thinking what exactly the teacher was wanting. She finally replied back two days later and let me know in a little more detail, but thank you for helping.

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