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solve for x.
please help me with this one and show the work so i can understand

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    divide both sides of equation by 9
    add 5 and -x on both sides
    divide both sides by 3

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    The instructions were correct, but the execution went awry:

    divide both sides by 9

    x-5 = (4x-5)/9 = 4x/9 - 5/9

    add 5 - 4x/9 to both sides
    x - 4x/9 = 5 - 5/9

    5x/9 = 40/9
    x = 8

    final step -- check your answer:
    x=0 does not work.
    9(8-5) = 27 = 32-5

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    if i may say it would probably be easier and less complicated if you had follow PEMDAS instruction which tells you to take the equation on the left 9(x-5) and multiply it out first instead of dividing the two equation by 9. that way you get 9x-45=4x-5, subtract 4x from both side so you get 5x-45=-5 and then add 45 to both side to get 9x=40 and then divide by 9 so that you get x on it own to get 40/9 and you messed up the math a little near the endx-4x/9 wouldnt have given you 5x/9

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