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Water has a density of 1000kg/m^3. The depth of a swimming pool at the deep end is about 4m. A)What is the volume of a column of water 4m deep and 1m^3 in cross-sectional area? B)What is the mass of this column of water? C)What is the weight of this column of water in newtons? D)What is the excess pressure (above atmospheric pressure)exerted by this column of water on the bottom of the pool? E)How does this value compare to atmospheric pressure? I don't know where to begin, I am so confused by this question help!!!

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    A. V = 4m * 1m^2 = 4 m^3.

    B. Mass = 4m^3 * 1000kg/m^3 = 4000 kg.

    C. Wt. = 4000kg * 9.8N/kg = 39,200 N.

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