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Silver chloride has a larger Ksp than silver carbonate. Does this mean that
AgCl also has a larger molar solubility than Ag2CO3?

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    No. The Ksp value can be compared for solubility if both materials have the same ratio of cation to anion. For example, one can say that
    BaSO4 with Ksp = 1.1E-10 has about the same solubility (mole wise) as AgCl with a Ksp of 1.0E-10 since both BaSO4 and AgCl have a 1:1 ratio of cation to anion. Or PbCl2 can be compared with CaF2 since both are 1:2 ratio but can't be compared with Al(OH)3. All of this goes out the window if you are trying to compare with grams of solubility since molar masses are not the same for most materials.

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