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{Y= 3x

So far I have done this. Please tell me the next steps. Thank you.



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    x = y-4 , sub in y=3x
    x = 3x - 4
    x - 3x= -4
    -2x = -4
    divide both sides by -2
    x = 2

    sub into y=3x
    y = 3(2) = 6

    x = 2, y = 6

    your second last line
    should have said:
    Y = 3(y-4)

    y = 3y - 12
    -2y = -12
    y = 6, just like I had mine

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    y = 3 x

    y - x = 4

    3 x - x = 4

    2x = 4 Divide both sides by 2

    x = 4 / 2 = 2

    y = 3 x

    y = 3 * 2 = 6

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