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2. Critical Thinking - Why did us exports increase dramatically between 1803 & 1807?

Answer - The embargo hurts America that's how exports increase dramatically between 1803 & 1807.

am i correct????

i had been kind of having trouble with this question

  • Social Studies 7R - Q2 -


    "Navigating Trade and Impressment Disputes
    Several weeks after buying Louisiana, Napoleon declared war on Great Britain. At first, the European fighting benefited the United States since Americans functioned as the merchants carrying supplies to the warring powers. Consequently, between 1803 and 1807, total U.S. exports jumped from $66.5 million to $102.2 million."

  • Social Studies 7R - Q2 -

    That was after the Revolutionary War and before the War of 1812 (Embargo started in 1807).

  • Social Studies 7R - Q2 -

    thanks ...

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