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Roger made a mixture of salt and sand.Which of the following procedures explains the easiest way to separate the mixture?

A.Pour the mixture into a glass of water and stir it until the salt dissolves.Pour the micture through a filter.Evaportate the water.
B.Pour the mixture onto the floor.Drag a magnet through a mixture.
C.Put the mixture in a pan.Heat the pan until the sand melts.Let the mixture cool.
D.Spread the mixture into a thin layer.Pick out the tiny pieces of sand using a pair of tweezers.

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    Ah, now think a minute. Which do you think might work. The three that do not work are ridiculous.

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    I'm sure glad it isn't B or D!

    Yes, A is the right answer.

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    true or false ?
    All Substances are made of atoms of one or more different Elements
    & can you please give more info on it (:

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