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Jennifer is fifty-four. Her husband Brian died suddenly in a care crash. Not only was she emotionally distraught, but she found herself in serious financial turmoil. Brian had handled the finances (at least she had thought he had) throughout their 21 year marriage. Upon his death, she abruptly discovered that they were deep in debt, having lived way beyond their means for years. She suddenly needed to find a job and fast.

Jennifer has not worked full-time since she married Brian. However, she did have a college degree in Biology. For the past three years, she’d been working in a small, local hardware store. Her job was to do the ordering and keep the accounts. She had discovered that she was exceptionally good at such activities. In fact, she had revamped the store’s entire accounting system. She found she had a knack for working with computers.

It is my belief that her goals should be: Attend grief counseling, Find a full time job, Get a computer degree and I also believe that her major problem the financial bind that she has found herself in after the death of her husband but could she possible receive all the services she need in one location because she would also need some type of financial counseling. This is new to me and I am unsure about treatment but I do believe that the death of her husband is her major problem

Please help me.

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