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Is there a difference among the following sentences, Writeacher? Thank you.
I included a few other sentences.

He made breakfast himself.
He made breakfast by himself.
He made breakfast on his own.
He made himself breakfast.

1) You shouldn't fuss (not make a fuss) about a common cold.
You oughn't (or ought not) fuss about it.
2) He broke his arm when he was thrown out of his boat/when he fell off his raft (both possible?).
3) He excused himself (to me) for breaking the vase (because he broke the vase is a mistake?).
4) Mary invited me to her house (to her is a mistake?).
5) They are content about their exam result.
6) They are happy with (is a mistake?) exam result
7) If I were you, I would worry (I would be worried is possible?) about a common cold.

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    The first four sentences are all saying about the same thing -- slightly different phrasing, but the same meaning.

    1. I'd use "worry" rather than "fuss" in this context.

    2. OK

    3. Don't include "to me" -- the rest is fine, including the alternative phrasing.

    4. Use "to her house" -- don't omit "house"!

    5, 6, and 7 -- all are OK.

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