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ap physics

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At serve, a tennis player aims to hit the ball horizontally.
part a)What minimum speed is required for the ball to clear the 0.90m--high net about 15.0m from the server if the ball is "launched" from a height of 2.50m ?
part b)here (relative to server) will the ball land if it just clears the net?
part c)Will it be "good" in the sense that it lands within 7.0m of the net? yes or no ?
part d) How long will it be in the air?

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    Hi = 2.5
    h = .9
    u = constant = 15/t
    v = -g t

    .9 = 2.5 + 0*t -4.9 t^2
    t^2 = 1.6/4.9 = .3265
    t = .5714 second

    u = 15/t = 26.25 m/s
    onward by yourself

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