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A 2.11 cm high insect is 1.31 m from a -125 mm focal-length lens. Where is the image?
Distance of the image is ?
How high is it?
What type is it?

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    Find the image distance from
    1/do + 1/di = 1/f,

    1/1.31 + 1/di = 1/(-125•10^-3).
    di = - … (m) – virtual, in front of the length
    The height of the image may be found from

    M =h1/h2 = - di/do,
    h1 = - … (inverted)

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    Thank you Elena, I had virtual and inverted also, but the book says it is virtual and upright. so I thought everything else was worry. Maybe it is the book?

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    Anybody's guess...

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