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Can you check my poem if it has 10 syllables per line and any other mistake?
and thank you.

You just didn’t know how much I loved you
How hard I tried and you still didn’t know
How close we were was something oh so true
I don’t think it was right for you to go

The things we said we both meant very much
God, you just don’t know how you made me feel
I know soon enough I’ll miss your hands touch
It’s like my heart was yours to go and steal

Can you check my poem if it has 10 syllable per line

Now I have to let go and just forget
It hurts so badly like I’m getting hit
I’ll always remember the day we met
There’ll always be this piece no one can fit

I’ll show you how much I did truly love
And I’ll let you go, be free like a dove.

  • english -

    Ten syllables per line -- all are fine.

    ... your hands' touch ...

    Lots of periods are missing from the ends of sentences. Some commas are missing, too.

    You should either leave out all periods and commas ... or put them in all the right places.

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