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use a calculator to find the
to the nearest ten thousandth.
My calculator doesn't do anti-ln. just ln. Someone helo me please?

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    Use the inverse key

    INV LN (-.049)

    or do this use the e^ key

    anti-ln(a)= e^a

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    Is the answer 0.9521811297? That's what I got using the e^ key.

    (I don't have an inverse key on my calculator. It's a Casio fx-9750G PLUS Power Graphic, and the manual for it is literally one inch thick with 453 pages.)

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    Put this in your google search window:


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    Ah. Thank syou o much for your time and help. God Bless you.

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    Tabby, I had a Casio at one time
    Look for a 2ndF key, it works the same way



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    Thanks Reiny!

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