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Given the following information:
Ni(OH)2(s) Ni2+(aq) + 2 OH (aq)
Ksp=6.0 x 10 16
H2O(l) H+(aq) + OH (aq)
Kw=1.0 x 10 14

What is the equilibrium constant for the reaction,
Ni(OH)2(s) + 2 H+(aq) Ni2+(aq)+ 2 H2O(l)

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    Note you made a typo on Ksp for Nk(OH)2. It should be 6.0E-16.
    Add eqn 1 to the reverse of 2x equn 2.
    Keq for the sum = Ksp*(1/Kw^2)

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