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Can you please tell me where I can interview homeowners, will they agree if its for school purpose?

Thank you!

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    You'd have to walk a neighborhood, I guess ... but that's not always a safe thing to do.

    Another idea might be to go to a bank branch and ask one of the officers if they can help you find homeowners to interview. You'd have to provide lots of details, no doubt, and I'm still not sure this would work.

    There's also the telephone...

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    I suggest you find a subdivision in a safe area of town and visit the front office(most developments have one). Ask to talk to the president of the Homeowner's Association (HOA), preferably in person, but over the phone would work too. If he/she agrees to meet with you, present your idea to them and ask them if they would object to you conducting your survey in that area. Be sure to mention that it is for school. To be on the safe side, I would suggest taking an adult or trusted friend with you. You could even ask the preseident of the HOA to accompany you. Do Not Go Alone. Most people are perfectly nice, I'm sure, but creeps have to live somewhere to.

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