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Our professor just told us that the final exam will be the ACS exam, we are taking general Chemistry II. What is the best way to study for ir? Is the preparing for ACS general chemistry study guide good? If we are taking general Chemistry II do we have to study Chemistry I again?

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    I have not seen any of the ACS exams in years but I assume they are about like the older ones. My experience is that you can not study for these exams as a general theme; the best thing to do is to work as may different problems (and different KINDS of problems) as you can before the exam. Even then you won't be prepared for all of the questions but it's a good start. Know the definitions and how they relate to each other. Don't get bogged down with one question; if you don't know the answer leave that one and go to the next question. General principals are important. I have given ACS exams as final exams a couple of times; I stopped because there were too many questions about topics which I had not covered in class.

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    As for chem I vs chem II, I think you are expected to know the material from I going into II. And this is another of the problems with the test. How many profs around the country start and stop the semester with the same number of topics and to the same depth?

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    Thank you for your reply.

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    what is the best way to pass chemistry if currently failing? One quiz left and the final is left..

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