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Yes, it does make sense. Blasè means uninterested. Could you please check if everything is OK as I made a few changes? Thank you very much!

1) Mr. Otis buys Canterville Chase from Lord Canterville. After that, Mr. Otis drives with his family to Canterville Chase.
2) When they arrive at the house, Mrs. Lucretia Otis sees a bloodstain in the sitting-room.
3) Mrs. Umney, the housekeeper, explains that the stain can’t be removed. She tells them the story of Sir Simon, who killed his wife in 1575. 4) Washington Otis, the eldest son, removes the stain with “ Pinkenton’s Champion Stain Remover”.
5) The stain, however, reappears the following morning and Washington applies Pinkerton again.
6) Several nights later, the ghost appears to Mr. Otis. He has got burning-red eyes, matted hair, and heavy chains. Mr. Otis is not scared of the ghost.
7) Actually, he gives the ghost a bottle of lubricator for his chains and the twins punch the ghost with their pillows.
8) The ghost runs away and goes to his room. When he returns in the corridor, the twins make a mock ghost to scare him. For this reason, the ghost decides to stay forever in his room.

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    To avoid repeating "Canterbury Chase" in immediately successive sentences, I'd rephrase #1 like this:
    Mr. Otis buys Canterville Chase from Lord Canterville. After that, Mr. Otis drives there with his family.

    5. comma needed

    7. comma needed

    Everything else is fine.

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