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SS7R - 3 HW Question Check

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4. What were Jefferson's concerns in purchasing Louisiana?
Answer - Jefferson's concern in purchasing Louisiana is that he had always insisted that the federal government had only those powers spelled out in the constitution.

5. Jefferson sent Lewis and Clark to explore Louisiana. What were Jefferson's instructions to two explorers?
Answer - Jefferson's instructions to the two explorers are: to map a route to the Pacific ocean and study the climate, wildlife, and mineral resources of the new lands.

6. How did Sacajawea contribute to the success of Lewis and Clark's expedition?
She gathered wild vegetables and advised the men where to fish and hunt. She knew about the healing qualities of plants and herbs, so the expeditions relied on her for medical help.
Am i correct????

  • SS7R - 3 HW Question Check -

    Good answers!

    Sacajawea also was an interpreter and a guide.

  • SS7R - 3 HW Question Check -

    4.He was concerned about whether the purchase was unconstitutional.I guess you could add that but your answer is good to me study the area's plants, animal life, and geography.

    6. She had a sense of what the landscapes said about direction, where they were, and where they were going. She also had a sense of what could be eaten along the way as well as finding food.

    Your answers are great but if you want to add some of these above than you can :)

  • SS7R - 3 HW Question Check -

    ok I'll add them

    thank you!

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