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2-When Aunt Rose was a teacher,she wore long,straight skirts

my son circle the word (a) and underline (long,straight)

3-Grandma wore nice dresses to school.

my son underline (nice)and their no circle word

4-My mom often wore old jeans in the classroom.

my son circle(the) and underline (old)

5- A popular style in some schools today is a uniform.

my son circle (a,a) and underline(popular)

Directions circle the artical in () that correclty completes ecah sentence.

6-People wear different clothes all over (an,the) world.

my son circle (the)

7-No one needs (a,an)heavy coat in Hawaii.

my son circle(a)

8-(A,An) overcoat is needed in Russia.

my son circle(An)

9-You can wear (a,an)shirt with short sleeves all year in Costa Rica.

my son circle(a)

10-(A,An) extra raincoat comes in handy in England.

my son circle(an)

Directions write two sentence describing the clothes you are wearing today. use at least two adjectives in each sentence. circle each artical and underline each adjective in your sentences.

1-Today for my school unform i wore a pair of baggy blue sweatpants and bright white t-shirt.

my son circle (a) and underline (baggy, bright)

2-After school i wore a chilly pair of pajamas and colorful top.

my son circle (a) and underline (chilly,colorful)

  1. Ms. Sue

    1. The article is "the." The adjective is "different."

    2. Correct.

    3. Correct.

    4. Correct.

    5. Correct. The other adjective is "some."

    6. Correct -- but he missed an adjective.

    7. Correct -- but he missed the adjective.

    8. Correct.

    9. Correct -- but he missed the adjective.

    10. Correct -- but he missed the adjective.

    1. and 2. Correct.

  2. dw

    NUMBER 5 to 10 they say only circle the artical no adjectives so i did only circle the artical thank you

  3. Ms. Sue

    Thanks. I goofed and didn't read the directions.


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