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Robots are being used with increasing frequency on production lines to perform manotonous task. To determine whether a robot welder should replace human welders in producing automobiles, an experiment was performed. The time for the robot to complete a series of welds was found to be 38 seconds.A random sample of 20 workers was taken, and the time for each worker to complete the welds was measured and the times are 35,25,30,36,37.42,34.44,39,44,40,46,38,42,33,33,39,39,43,41.The mean was calculated to be 38 seconds, the same as the robot's time. However, the robot's time did not vary, whreas there was variation among the workers times. An analysis of the production line revealed that if the variance exceeds 17 seconds^2, there will be problems. Perform an analysis of the data, and determine whether the problems using human welders are likely.

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