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To illustrate the effect of ice on the aluminum cooling plate, consider the data shown in the drawing below.
The length of the ice block is L1 = 0.00476 m and its temperature is T1 = -11.9 °C. The aluminum block is L2 = 0.00131 m long and has a temperature of T2 = -23.8 °C. Ignore any limitations due to significant figures. Calculate the heat per second per square meter that is conducted through the ice-aluminum combination. Do not enter unit.

I'm not able to submit the URL for the picture so here's my best attempt at drawing it

T1 | ice | | <---aluminum
|_________|___| T2

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    the picture got messed up. theres a block of ice on the left and the strip of aluminum on the right. the base of the ice is L1 and the base of the aluminum is L2. T1 is the ice and T2 is the aluminum. Please help me with this problem!!!!

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    Isn't this a simple heat flow problem.

    Boundry coditions: At the ice/Al interface, temp 0deg. At the right side of the aluminum, Temp is T2. Heat flow through the ice, and then in aluminum will be equal. You cannot assume anything about the temperature of the ice/aluminum interface.

    You need the thermal conductivity of ice, and aluminum, look them up.

    Then start with the heat flow through the ice (deltaTemp T1-Tinterface), setting it equal to heat flow through the aluminum, (deltatemp Tinerface-T2). Solve for the unknown Temp at interface, then you can solve for heat flow.

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