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I need to come up with a story using these words. Please help.

1. superficial-- (adj) shallow, lacking in depth
2. superfluous-- (adj) extra, more than enough, redundant
3. suppress-- (v) to end an activity, e.g., to prevent the dissemination of information
4. surreptitious-- (adj) secret, stealthy
5. tactful-- (adj) considerate, skillful in acting to avoid offense to others
6. tenacious-- (adj) determined, keeping a firm grip on
7. transient-- (adj) temporary, short-lived, fleeting
8. venerable-- (adj) respected because of age
9. vindicate-- (v) to clear from blame or suspicion
10. wary -- (adj) careful, cautious

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    My venerable grandmother can be tenacious when she's solving a mystery.

    Take it from there.

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