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I left out the following statements. Thank you very much.

1) All of his works are characterized by his polemical genius, expressed in various literary genres.
2) The first pamphlet to bring Swift fame was the Battle of the Books, where he imagines a battle between the books of the ancients and those written by modern writers.
3) Swift awards victory to the ancients, thus taking sides with Sir William Temple and his friends in the dispute that was raging throughout Europe.
4) His most famous pamphlets, however, are those related to the social and political situation of Ireland, such as A Modest Proposal, which suggests the use of children as food for the rich.
Swift's satirical vein is also clear in 5) his famous work, Gulliver's Travels, which was first pubilshed in 1726 in Dublin anonymoulsy because of the many allusions to contemporary politics it contained.

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