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11. The freezing point of a substance is ____ the melting point of the same substance. (1 point)greater than
less than
equal to
unrelated to

12. For most substances, the distance between particles is smallest when the substance ____. (1 point)exists as a gas
exists as a liquid
exists as a crystalline solid
exists as an amorphous solid

13. Viscosity is a measure of a fluid's ____. (1 point)resistance to flow
adhesive forces
average kinetic energy

14. Which of the following factors does NOT affect the behavior of a gas in a closed container? (1 point)the number of particles
the average kinetic energy
the cohesive forces within the gas
the size of the container

15. Pascal's Principle can be applied to ____. (1 point)all states of matter
solids and gases only
solids and liquids only
any matter that can flow

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