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I have been trying to do this problem for a couple of days but i cant seem to get the answer. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
For each of the following forms determine whether the following limit type is indeterminate, always has a fixed finite value, or never has a fixed finite value. In the first case answer IND, in the second case enter the numerical value, and in the third case answer DNE.

1. 0/infinity

2. (infinity)^(0)
3. (infinity)^(-e)
4. (infinity)/(0)

6. (infinity)-(infinity)

7. (0)^(-(infinity))
8. 1^(0)

9. (1)(infinity)

10. 0^(infinity)
11. pi^(infinity)

12. (0)(infinity)

13. 1^(-(infinity))

14. 0^(0)

15. 1^(infinity)

16. (infinity)(infinity)

17. (infinity)^(infinity)
18. (1)/(-(infinity))

20. (infinity)^(1)

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