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Math 7 - Homework Question Check (Q2)

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37. On the lines below, explain why the graph you choose is misleading?
Answer - The reason why graph A was misleading is because on the left side (where the numbers are) it started from 0 to 50, then 50 to 100, AND 100 to 300! From 100 to 300 is too much, plus when plotting dots between your gonna get confused. I consider put 10 by 10 or 20 by 20.
1. Is it good????
2. Is there any grammar or errors mistakes???
3. Is it correct????

Thank You!

  • Math 7 - Homework Question Check (Q2) -

    It looks good to me!


    "gonna" is not a word.

  • Math 7 - Homework Question Check (Q2) -


    thank you

    btw - read my other post ;)

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