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When you finish Antigone , you’ll write an essay analyzing the causes and/or effects of an issue, situation, or event in your journal. Your textbook explains the assignment this way: “…you’ll help readers understand an event or situation by explaining Why did it happen? (its causes) or What are the results? (its effects).”

You can choose any issue, situation, or event that catches your interest. Try to choose something that you have some strong feelings about because your passion will come across in your essay and lend emotion to your writing, and it will help you keep your interest level up as you do the pre-writing and then complete the final essay. Your textbook offers some general possibilities for topics on page 752. If you decide to start with one of those generalities, be sure to narrow your topic down to a specific idea.

Another idea that your textbook suggests on page 753 is a literary question such as: Why is Antigone, written more than two thousand years ago, still popular today? That type of question is entirely appropriate for this exercise, so go ahead with any idea you have in that vein if you choose.

You may want to put feelers out in several directions before settling on a particular topic; for example, your brainstorming might start with generating broad categories like current events, literature, hometown politics, or animal rights. Then you can brainstorm within those categories to find a topic. You should list at least five possible topics.

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    That's an interesting assignment. Have fun with it!

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